Be Humble to See the Light

Be Humble to see the Light

By David Smith October 11, 2010


Be ever so humble to come to the LORD

His hands and his feet scarred on a board.

O the sacrifice, a Living Lord for me

Scarred in life for my sins to see.


As a firefighter sat waiting for a child

Face disfigured, natural beauty gone wild.

The child walks in and ran up stairs and cried;

From a disfigured man that had almost died.

He rescued her some few years ago

The infant child was saved, you know.


The firefighter scarred for life;

Saving an infant from death one night;

When she realized what his scars were for

She ran to the room through the kitchen door.

She lost her fear and to his side she flew;

Expressed her love; what joy she knew.


His face disfigured and scarred from burns;

For the love for child is what she learns;

Be so humble to come to the Cross

Scars on His hands and His feet, truly come across


O the sacrifice of a Living Lord for me;

Disfigured in life for my Sin, you see

From a Gospel Meeting one Sunday Night

O the joy to see the light.


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