A Study in Galatians

A Study from Galatians

By David Smith October 31, 2010

The law amplifies we are sinners and through Christ we are free;

Galatians the turning point, from works to faith for me;

Peter was to be blamed for his obedience of the law;

Paul pointed it out, works is our greatest flaw.

The law, the pomp and ceremony, and circumcision, just and true;

A sheet came down from heaven yet Peter went back to what he knew;

Paul amplified the vision; Christ is the focus still;

On the Cross of Calvary the Old Covenant the Cross did kill;

Traditions, they had sacrifices and festivals in hand;

Justified by faith alone gets us to the Promised Land.

Not by what we have done, but by the finished work of the cross.

Is crystal clear in Galatians how Faith alone comes across.

Through love and sound doctrine false teaching is put out

Faith in Christ alone, God’s authority, let it shout.

We all have personalities and as Christians we appear.

Keep eyes and ears on Christ and let flaws disappear.

Got that from the study as Galatians hit a nerve;

Taking God’s word personally to learn how to serve.

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