Outside the Camp

Outside the Camp

(Inspired by Book of Daniel Chapters one and two)

By David Smith November 14, 2010


Not inside the veil, but outside the camp

That is the danger, our walk as we tramp;

Outside the Lord, where relationships are bleak;

Not inside the furnace with the dreadful heat;

That was the message from Daniel this day;

Where Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego got to stay

In the fiery furnace safe and alive;

Obedience to the Lord, the faith to thrive.

Outside the camp as outside the LORD

Room for evil to come right on board;

The fiery furnace can be a safe place to dwell;

Faith in the LORD, we too can do well


The Lord’s Day

The Lord’s Day

By David Smith November 7, 2010


The cup is passed, all around it goes

The Breaking of Bread, God’s light that glows;

The bitter sweetness as wine touches the lips;

Finished work of the Cross; as believers take a sip

Bread is broken and pulled apart;

As Christ on the Cross took our part;

The first day of the week the empty tomb was seen;

The breaking of bread, a new covenant had been;

On the first day of the week Jesus arose;

On the first day of the week the Gospel Story grows;

The cup is passed; bitter and sweet

For my sins alone; at the Cross of Jesus’ feet.