The Legend of the Stones

The Legend of the Stones

By David Smith December 24, 2010




DEC 2010

The legend of the stones is written there for you;

A Picture of Creation;

God’s love shines through and true.

The words of a Holy God

So let the Gospel shout;

Thanks be to the wooden cross

Our sins are blotted out.

The illustration of the stones and what they mean today;

God’s Holy Word, What the scriptures have to say.

(Inspired by a special gift from Lorne and Elizabeth)


This is a very special set of stones which I put together for you. The centre shell comes from the south shore of Texas, the Gulf of Mexico. The Shell reminds us of God’s great love for us, John 3:16; Also our salvation what a precious gift from God Matt 13: vs 45-46. SEE Hymn #431

Stone #2 Petrified wood, comes from the Petrified Forest in Arizona. It is a very hard stone. It was on a cross made of wood that they nailed our Lord Jesus Christ upon. Our Everlasting Foundation see Luke 6:48 also Matt chapter 16 vs 16 to 18; see Hymn #9.

Stone #3 is Jade. Very precious; comes from Alaska. Colour is green reminding us of everlasting life. Beautiful! John 3:15 Also Gen 8:22. See Hymn 357.

Stone #4 is granite. Comes from the Rock of Ages in Barre Vermont. I call this one The Warning Stone . One short walk through any graveyard will speak volumes as most headstones are made of granite. II Corinthians Chapter 5 vs 8, 9, 10. See hymn #357.

Stone #5 is purple Amethyst. I call this one the healing stone. The LORD Jesus Christ is the Great Physician. This stone is gem quality. Comes from far North Ontario Read Matt 12:15; Matt 14:14 John 6:37 and Hymn #166

Stone #6 is Blood Agate.  Reminds us that the precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is our Corner Stone in life! It comes from the border of Arizona and California. Read 1 John 1:7: John 5:13 Heb 13:8 Hymn 158. I took early retirement in 1981 so Liz and I visited assemblies in USA Canada; Alaska. We picked up stones wherever we visited. Now you have six of them. Read Psalm 62: vs 2, 6, 77, and many others.

Yes; this is birch bark, comes from a tree which God created in the Garden of Eden. Gen chapter 1 and 2. The Base is black walnut. The wood from one of those trees was made into a cross on which our Lord Jesus Christ was nailed upon. And the black walnut reminds us it was the darkest day in the History of Man. Luke 23 vs 44-45. Praise God for Hymn #282!


Lorne and Elizabeth

A Brother and Sister in Christ

Dec 2010

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