Illustrations of Christ Appear in Creation

Illustrations of Christ appear in Creation

By David Smith January 14, 2011

“Where art thou?” so loud and clear

God’s search for Adam; he did not want to hear.

Man was lost, and God comes to seek;

Right from Genesis; man’s nature is bleak;

“Where art thou?” amazing faithfulness; amazing grace;

That God came to take man from his hiding place.

Out of the dust of the ground man did arrive

The power of God as man comes alive

The sun, the moon, and God said “Let there be light”

The light of Christ that shines so bright;

Christ is the sun and the light of day

The Church is the moon that reflects by the way;

It is the Church that keeps God’s Word pure;

To reflect the light so a darkened world can endure.

O the prophesy of Christ to come

Through the prophetic books; The Blessed One

Pictures of Christ as the Lamb of God

The perfect sacrifice, the illustrations we applaud

Right from Adam and his wife Eve

A living faith to only believe.