Legalities of the Cross in Romans

Legalities of the Cross in Romans

By David Smith February 6, 2011

Legal aspect has been done

Going to heaven, Christ has won;

Disobedience of Adam – Obedience of Christ;

Perfect obedience did suffice;

The law detects and exposes sin

To know we’re lost is where to begin

Work of the Cross, legal freedom to see

Christ substituted His death for me;

No condemnation; the cross has won

The Finished work he has done

Adam yielded to sin that day

And Christ gives us the right-of-way;

Spelled out in Romans

The legal work of the cross

Now the faith to come across.


Family Unites after Twenty Three Years

Family Unites after twenty three years

By David Smith February 2, 2011


Lost infant child as an adult was found

The stimulation of emotion is so profound.


An infant brought in to the hospital one day

A very high temperature the teenage mom had to say

She turned her daughter over to a nurse, so she thought

The infant was kidnapped, the agony it brought


A crying match on the news twenty three years ago

But always the faith for her safety, we know

The child found herself, in her world that did not fit

No birth certificate, vague answers, like a refugee that lit


Deep in her study to find who she was

Her infant picture created quite a buzz

She knew she was lost. Her picture was found

Introduced to her real parents brought circumstances all around


Twenty three years later, the reunion was grand

To see her parents, eternal love takes the stand.

The joy of a family, think of the Lord.

To realize we are lost and come right on board

That is salvation to come back to the home.

To repent and to focus and no need to roam.