Inspired by Leviticus Chapter 1

Inspired by Leviticus Chapter 1

Ministry Meeting April 10, 2011

Going into worship the pattern of Christ; Pictures and Illustrations of the author will suffice

The bullock has strength as it ploughs the ground; the heavy loads and burdens, a service is found.

A willingness to plough, year after year; a Saviour of the soul we hold so dear.

A picture of submission we look to the sheep; easily guided to the slaughter so sweet

If it’s in the book it is alright for me; Obedience to the word on humble knee.

The goat has the skill on mountain sides he can step; our walk through life in his hand we are kept;

Our walk is important, let the spirit lead; Let go and let God; His skills we need.

Turtle doves and pigeons speak of sorrow; Sensitivity of Christ as he’s coming back tomorrow.

Be sensitive of sin as we live each day; to ask for forgiveness and continually pray.

Christianity not to be endured but enjoyed; the fullness of Christ a peace we employed.

Crucified with Christ to live with him; to deny the flesh for joy to begin;

The innards of the sacrifices were washed so clean; the hidden lusts of the flesh where secrets have been

Purged with God’s word and obeyed so true; Illustrations of Christ where birth is new.

Decision determines destiny; as Illustrations are clear; acceptance of the Living Lord as time is drawing near.

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