Need For the Gospel

Need for the Gospel

By David Smith April 24, 2011

Inspired at Ministry Meeting

Gold frankincense and myrrh they offered to the king

The wise men from the East came to worship him

The richness of his glory; the sweet savour here on earth

And the eternal glory, Christmas, we call his birth.

Wood hay and stubble; our materialism we bring

Our selfishness as rags we offer to our king

We have to be on fire and through the furnace a glow

To be the living stones for the Saviour that we know;

Through the fiery furnace where temper is complete

So we can worship Him in purity so sweet

Clothed in His righteousness as we worship God and King

On fire for the Lord to let our voices sing.

Wood hay and stubble contrasts riches in heavens glory

O the finished work of the Cross, it is the Gospel Story.

And that was the drift from the message in the morn

And to follow Christ the need to be re born.

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