The Bible: The Letter from God

The Bible, the Letter from God

Inspired by Guest Speaker

by David Smith August 20, 2006

A letter from God, I hold in my hand

The Bible, God’s Judgement and forgiveness to send

It’s open to everyone, information is free

For the paper and binding, in the bookstore there’s a fee

Whosoever will, a personal letter

To know the contents, God’s wrath or shelter

It’s a letter about what tomorrow will bring

A lake of fire or forgiveness of sin

Written to all, regardless of the age

Each generation, names, written on the page

Lamb’s Book of Life, names are etched there

Christ is the way, a forgiving Lord to share

A letter from God on man’s behalf

Eternity is etched, grain or the shaft

At least know the contents for your decision to make

God’s wrath, destruction, eternal fire to bake

Denying the Word of the Bible so grand

God’s wrath is brutal against sin to stand

Know the contents, Uriah, as we had read

A letter from the king and in battle he was dead

Did not know the contents from King David’s hand

Killed in battle his righteousness did not stand

Then David married, Uriah’s widowed wife

King David pleaded forgiveness for his life

A letter Paul wrote to Philemon one day

About a slave, Onesimus, who stole and ran away

Paul wrote the letter to Philemon to forgive

Treat Onesimus as a brother, let him more than live

Mentioned Onesimus’ sin and shortcomings grand

How Onesimus received Christ as his Saviour, and friend

Onesimus knew the contents to overcome the grave

Uriah knew not the contents and righteousness became his slave

So study God’s Letter. The Gospel and all

Where will you spend eternity when the angels will call?