Inspired by Malachi Chapter 1

Inspired by Malachi Chapter 1

Inspired by Guest Speaker Ministry Meeting August 17, 2011


Malachi was laid out, the first chapter loud and clear

The preacher spoke; God’s wrath to fear.

The illustrations of Christ, the pattern we find

And in Malachi, first fruits, fall far behind.


The blind and the lame the diseased sacrifices are brought;

The symbols of Christ polluted a lot.

The pattern broken down, rejection came about

The finished work of the Cross;

God’s Love we can shout.


The door being opened, the Gentiles have hope.

Be part of the Chosen with faith alone to cope;

The works of man with polluted sacrifices and all

Illustrations of Christ, out of focus and small.


Malachi gives a warning to look at the heart;

The words of the Lord were biting and sharp.

O the rejection of obedience to God

The remnant by faith, Christ’s Righteousness we applaud.


That is the root for gentiles and Jews;

In Christ alone the faith that we choose;

It’s all in Malachi the last book of the Old

Four hundred years later the New Testament will be told.

That is the mystery the illustrations of Christ

And the stories of the Bible fit together so nice.

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