At the Bible Study

At the Bible Study

Inspired by St Luke 11:1-13

By David Smith November 16, 2007

Our Father in heaven is more than a friend

Urgent requests, time and time again

We can always ask; and at our beckoning call

When our life is scattering and we start to fall.

Through mere convenience friends come to the aide

Our LORD in heaven through His Son we have it made

We can always ask and we will receive

Knock and the door shall be opened

How wide! If you please.

Seek and ye shall find

Eyes will open up

And we will not be blind

We know how to give good gifts to our children and friends

Our Heavenly Father offers us eternal gift without end.

We learn how to address the Heavenly Father

Reverend and Holy is his name as we address no other

Develop structure and speak from the heart

Honesty and truth is where to take part.

Worship in spirit to the father above

He will reign down in infinite love

That’s what I got from the study last night

At Gospel hall; God’s Word shone so bright.