Priceless Painting Priceless Life

Priceless Painting Priceless Life

By David Smith January 15, 2012

Inspired by Breaking of Bread Service


Appeared to be a valuable painting on the auction block it stood

Up to Nineteen-Thousand Dollars when the hammer hit the wood;

One of the bidders saw the identical painting later on in a town;

And bought the painting for Twenty Thousand,

The same painting, it was found.

It had been analyzed and checked for authentic merit.

The painting rose to 150 million with Leonardo’s touch in it.

O that painting how the value did rise;

Think of our value; from the cross as Christ cries.

It is finished, the cost it is paid

And you hath he quickened, our sins have been laid

God who has been rich in mercy for his great love

Raised us together to be in heavenly places above.

That is the joy from the morning meeting we hear.

Jesus saves, and time is still drawing near.