Inspiration from the Book of Ruth

Inspiration from the Book of Ruth

By David Smith August 16, 2012


Reference: The Holy Bible/The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth keeps meditation on my mind.

Gold nuggets of scripture with understanding we find.

A love story we here of Christ and His Church;

It’s Boaz and Ruth in the LOVE that they search.


She gleans in the right field

He lets it be known, no doubt;

Stays in His field, what Love is about;

She is redeemed regardless of her past

And in line to Christ where the blood line holds fast


All the Begotten(s) and begat(s) that we read

A direct line through Ruth, an inherited seed.

A love story by chance on the earthy plain we see;

It is the hand of God, His Devine guidance that be.


Looking at the book, a pivot is in view

From the Old Testament, the lineage,

How things become new.

It all stems together how the Christmas story fits.

The foundation of the Old Testament and how the New fulfills it.