His Workmanship

His Workmanship

By David Smith November 26, 2009


Jaws like teeth as it smashes and shakes

A building hammered to the ground, the progress it makes

Shoveled into a truck the rubble and grind

Only a memory that is left behind.


Earth movers hit hard, mighty machines of steel

Hydraulic lifts and turntable to wheel

All the technology to tear down a place

Think of the hope, new life we can face.


An earthen vessel as vulnerable as I

Subjected to sin, circumstances make me cry.

To be rebuilt, after we’re broken and torn;

A spiritual house, living stones are reborn.


A living hope and gloriously appearing

To be in Christ, this world is deceiving.

Rebuilt, a new, living stones I dare say

Being torn down though sin and decay


Born again, not of corruption and lies

It’s the spirit within, Christ’s workmanship thrives.

That is the Message, believe and repent

For the Love of the World Jesus was sent.