The Real Lord’s Prayer

The Real Lord’s Prayer

Reference Holy Bible John 17

By David Smith July 24, 2013

The Real LORD’s Prayer where Jesus did pray

To his father in Heaven before the Crucifixion, by the way

It brought Old Testament truths to a new high light

The holy of Holies with power and might

The Holy Place of Father and Son

Identified with the Father: the Hour has come

What an eye opener, where the Holy of Holies prays

Jesus lifts up his eyes to Heaven, the scripture says

That is the tie, where The Word becomes clear

Right here in John, now, let Exodus appear

The Holy of Holies where Moses and Aaron could go

To the sacred place, purified you know

How the Son brings it to light

Union with God, belief comes tonight

The finished work of the cross

The Total body sacrificed was the ultimate cost

That is the joy in John that we hear

God in the flesh

Alpha and Omega becomes so clear.

John Seventeen, the whole chapter says it all

Thy Word is knocking, answer his call.

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