Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible School

(Inspiration on the First Day)

August 6, 2013

Like the tower of Babble we saw this day

The youth blindfolded, in educational play

To construct a wall around the group,

With cardboard boxes to be contained in the loop

Bickering and frustration as no one could see

Like an invisible language broken down that be

That was the game with a purpose we know.

Blindfolded, the kayos a frustrating show.


Man decides to be number one,

To build a tower to reach heaven’s sun

The Lord says “NO” to accomplishments of man

The Tower of Babble where men’s selfish nature might stand


Now looking skyward for lessons we learn;

The great flood, the rainbow, God’s Loving concern.


In our present day great towers from the earth

MAN still wants bragging rights and denies the second birth.

More confusion as the world’s in a spin

And blindfolded from Scripture as man’s importance enter in


That’s what I got from the lesson that day

God’s teaching me, I am weak by the way

He is the strength, don’t Labour in vain

Christ did it all, his suffering and shame.

Come unto me all ye that Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest

Matthew eleven verse twenty-eight to memorize at best.