Tribute to Louise Mae Aikman

Tribute to Louise Mae Aikman

December 13, 1946 – December 8, 2013

December 21, 2013

There is a special garden in the heavens above;

It is here in Niagara that Louise has radiated love

She gave residence hope, and caregivers drive;

Volunteers have spirit with passion as they thrive;


Goodwill was sown thick and emotions were expressed;

And everyone was encouraged to give others their very best

To lead by example with that smile of care

It carries over hurdles and over our despair


Bringing out the best in others, a talent we can see

Now that she has left, the torch is up to me

To only fill the vacuum, the void that’s left behind

And that is encouragement in her comfort we can find.


So to cling to scripture and faith to forward step;

She was a living angel that gave her loved ones pep.

And so I shed a tear and ask what I can do;

To follow my path in life

As God will lead me through


The memory of Louise, I hold within my heart

And pray for daily guidance

So I too, may be a spark


Precious memories to embrace

A gift I have received, to pass it on to others

Thy word is to believe


There is a special garden in the heavens above

Louise is an example how we express our love.