Photo by Mark Tayti Welland Tribune

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David Smith, fascinated by God’s Holy Word writes poetry inspired by the scriptures. He puts together in verses and in rhyme subjects taken from Bible studies. He is on a volunteer committee and preaches in a Nursing Home in Welland. He shares Bible verses with whosoever will listen to “the Word of God.”

to comment and make suggestions please contact theparkingpoet@hotmail.com

The Following written by Mark Tayti Welland Tribune:

WELLAND — David C. Smith believes the Bible is the inspired word of God.

Smith has been writing poetry for about 10 years. It began as a way to process, in his own mind, his work-a-day experiences as a bylaw enforcement officer for the City of Niagara Falls.

People would give him grief about a parking ticket and he would turn the exchange into poetry. It was a natural outlet for a person with “a gift” at wordplay.

The feedback he received through his parking poetry prompted Smith to launch the parkingpoet website on wordpress.com, a free website for people to publish their literary works. He has since spun that website in another direction with biblepoet.wordpress.com.

The bible poet website got its start after Smith began attending the Welland Gospel Hall. He began taking notes during worship service and turning those notes into poems about the Scriptures.

He sees the website as a tool to evangelize.

Smith said anything that leads a person to a deeper knowledge of God and causes them to think about God is a good thing. He believes the biblepoet site accomplishes that task at a time when more people are going online for information.

Sitting in the kitchen of his Welland home, it was tough to not notice the hallmarks of his Christian faith. Scripture verse hangs on the kitchen wall, citing John 3:16 and Isaiah 53:5.

A directory of church members hangs on his fridge and a bible is in plain sight.

He hopes his poetry causes people to search out answers related to bible verse, but he is also careful not to offend.

“I have to let God’s word do the talking,” Smith said. “You can’t hit people over the head with it. It’s not about me, but if I can encourage people to read the Bible, why not?”

He said the poetry he writes affects people at an emotional level. Smith believes the Bible is God’s literal word to His people.

Smith also believes that every Christian is called to carry the message of salvation and he sees the Internet as his “mission field.”

He said he operates the two separate websites because he doesn’t want to upset people who just want to read his parking poetry. The biblepoet website is for people interested in finding out more about God.

“I think in words that rhyme,” he said. “I get excited about the bible. What I like is that the Old and New Testament tie together and the stories are woven together from beginning to end.”


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