The Time Line

The Time Line (Inspired September 12, 2007)

A time line we heard last night

Structure to history, things in order so right

As the world sees importance, tombstone and date

Progression of time as growth has a rate

A new time line as scriptures hit hard

From the Second Birth, as Christ Jesus is in charge

Being Born again as death looses it’s sting

Eternal security in everything.

A new time line as we are fed by his Word

Another dimension where eternity is assured

To grow in Christ, in trials and difficulties too

Not be ashamed of what God can do

The time line from God to measure growth by his way

What a message I got that day


Tasting the Furry of Niagara Falls

Tasting the Furry of Niagara Falls
By David Smith June 5, 2014

The mighty thunderous roar and turbulence throughout
Huge mountains of water and mist and wind about
And to be at peace where this all takes place
The Horn blower Boat tour, Nature we can face

And be at rest on that stable ship
In the turbulent waters it is an amazing trip.
In the comfort of God’s hand as this turbulence is all around
We can taste His furry
And at peace so safe and sound

So to think of scripture
As the Red Sea divides
And God’s chosen people to solid ground they stride
In the midst of turbulent waters, Mountains gushing all around
Water creating a draft as a hurricane is bound

This is the safety like being in Noah’s ark
In the midst of darkness
God’s word creates the spark
To experience the mist
And full brunt of wind
With wonderment of nature
God’s word to rest therein

With His fingers he put the stars in place
The wonder of the falls His handiwork we can face
To be on the ship the Maid of the mist it was
Under new management creating a buzz
So I see the power of God’s mighty hand
He is in control for this man made ship to land.

And what a great experience where Man and Nature Meet.
The magnificence of God; His power can’t be beat.

The Grand Piano Compares to Grand Salvation

The Grand Piano Compares to Grand Salvation
By David Smith April 6, 2014

The piano, a story, as it misses a few notes;
Looks like a masterpiece, but the keys are not what the Master wrote.
What a luster finish, the Grand Piano on display
The climax of the showcase, it’s the inside that gets in the way

Can relate to the piano so grand
How to speak and take a firm stand
But it’s the heart that may be out of tune
What the public does not see, can make the Lord God fume

The cost of repair for the piano that day
An honest evaluation, what the appraiser had to say
It’s not the piano and how the music is grand
It’s my relationship with Christ where my sin is at hand

O to measure the standard of God
The Ten Commandments; where my righteousness is flawed
An honest evaluation before judgement day
The finished work of the Cross, what the Redeemer did pay

He did it all to put me in tune
The good news of the Gospel where a new creation can bloom
We are His workmanship in His Second birth
He paid the cost when he came to this Earth.

By grace are ye saved though faith alone
We are His workmanship
He sits on the Royal Throne.
O the Cross, where sin is washed away
Cleansed by His Blood for the Judgement day

Tribute to Louise Mae Aikman

Tribute to Louise Mae Aikman

December 13, 1946 – December 8, 2013

December 21, 2013

There is a special garden in the heavens above;

It is here in Niagara that Louise has radiated love

She gave residence hope, and caregivers drive;

Volunteers have spirit with passion as they thrive;


Goodwill was sown thick and emotions were expressed;

And everyone was encouraged to give others their very best

To lead by example with that smile of care

It carries over hurdles and over our despair


Bringing out the best in others, a talent we can see

Now that she has left, the torch is up to me

To only fill the vacuum, the void that’s left behind

And that is encouragement in her comfort we can find.


So to cling to scripture and faith to forward step;

She was a living angel that gave her loved ones pep.

And so I shed a tear and ask what I can do;

To follow my path in life

As God will lead me through


The memory of Louise, I hold within my heart

And pray for daily guidance

So I too, may be a spark


Precious memories to embrace

A gift I have received, to pass it on to others

Thy word is to believe


There is a special garden in the heavens above

Louise is an example how we express our love.

Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible School

(Inspiration on the First Day)

August 6, 2013

Like the tower of Babble we saw this day

The youth blindfolded, in educational play

To construct a wall around the group,

With cardboard boxes to be contained in the loop

Bickering and frustration as no one could see

Like an invisible language broken down that be

That was the game with a purpose we know.

Blindfolded, the kayos a frustrating show.


Man decides to be number one,

To build a tower to reach heaven’s sun

The Lord says “NO” to accomplishments of man

The Tower of Babble where men’s selfish nature might stand


Now looking skyward for lessons we learn;

The great flood, the rainbow, God’s Loving concern.


In our present day great towers from the earth

MAN still wants bragging rights and denies the second birth.

More confusion as the world’s in a spin

And blindfolded from Scripture as man’s importance enter in


That’s what I got from the lesson that day

God’s teaching me, I am weak by the way

He is the strength, don’t Labour in vain

Christ did it all, his suffering and shame.

Come unto me all ye that Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest

Matthew eleven verse twenty-eight to memorize at best.

The Real Lord’s Prayer

The Real Lord’s Prayer

Reference Holy Bible John 17

By David Smith July 24, 2013

The Real LORD’s Prayer where Jesus did pray

To his father in Heaven before the Crucifixion, by the way

It brought Old Testament truths to a new high light

The holy of Holies with power and might

The Holy Place of Father and Son

Identified with the Father: the Hour has come

What an eye opener, where the Holy of Holies prays

Jesus lifts up his eyes to Heaven, the scripture says

That is the tie, where The Word becomes clear

Right here in John, now, let Exodus appear

The Holy of Holies where Moses and Aaron could go

To the sacred place, purified you know

How the Son brings it to light

Union with God, belief comes tonight

The finished work of the cross

The Total body sacrificed was the ultimate cost

That is the joy in John that we hear

God in the flesh

Alpha and Omega becomes so clear.

John Seventeen, the whole chapter says it all

Thy Word is knocking, answer his call.

From Egyt to Canaan: What a Walk!

From Egypt to Canaan What a Walk!

A Series of meetings


Seeing the BIBLE as a mirror at a glance

To meditate on the WORD to the present NOT by Chance

How it fits is revel lent to today

From Egypt to Canaan much room to pray

To focus on God in this wilderness of mine

And leave temptations of Satan behind

It happened to the Jews to be lost no doubt

From Egypt to Canaan Heavenly lessons came about

What a joy with all its trials

Walking his way there is reason to smile.



Meditating on the Red Sea

(While drinking coffee on Break)

He drinks his coffee black and thinks of worldly trials

Like the ten plagues in Egypt

What the world or pharaoh did despise

Moses rod turned into a serpent and ate the Pharaoh’s snakes

The serpent was first mentioned where the Garden was at stake

God turned dust to lice, and what did it imply?

The magicians could not match it, last night we found out why.

God created man from the dust of the ground.

The Creator created life, Satan’s light was never found.

So we have temptations and trials in this land

To leave this cultured world

In the Heavenlies to stand.

So the Jewish Journey from Egypt we can see

In this present world what God’s WORD is telling me

So to Cling to Scripture; God’s Lesson there in life,

For forty years of wondering turns me toward the light.


The Manna

The manna the bread from heaven no doubt

Christ is the true bread

His WORD does shout

Exquisite pictures of Christ in Glory

The parables on earth speak of the Bible story.

Everything points to the Old Rugged Tree

Pictures of Christ fascinated to see

Studying His WORD the Work of the Cross

To Know I’m a sinner and no reason to be lost.

Christ died for Me the verses are clear

The Good News of the bible is reason to cheer

Not only the Manna but the Rock smitten twice

Moses lost entry to the Promised Land so nice

It was clear to Moses to speak to the Rock

When He hit that boulder, disaster struck

He got results but God’s Pattern took a turn

Moses and our obedience have to learn.

Stick to God’s pattern and pray and obey.

God’s Word speaks to me

It has something to say.

The Red Sea


The Red Sea, a body, not moving and still

A picture of the Lord Jesus, established what a thrill.

As Moses held his staff and the parting of the sea

A commandant a judgement an illustration we can see

And the crossing of the Jordan, a river that moves

Divided from Adam, the city set the groove

The Israelites cross with the Ark of the Covenant possessing.

The Lord is with them as our walk is professing.

Their difficulties and set backs were for our learning.

What’s in it for today, our passion is burning.

All these pictures from Egypt to Canaan

How they fit together, greater knowledge, the explaining.

So study the pattern from the First books of the Lord

Fulfilled in the New our understanding has soared.