Man Of Sorrows

Man of Sorrows

Inspired Breaking of Bread Service June 11, 2017


Creator of the world where the world knew him not

Man of Sorrows, the reputation, He got

Came from heaven surrounded by glory

The ignorance of the world tells a different story


He was hated and despised without cause

Man of Sorrows, to ponder and pause

The insensitivity of the world where jealousy is strong

Man of Sorrows, His name is long


Injustice and selfishness are separate from God

Man of Sorrows, his example to applaud

To walk His way, salvation all worthwhile

Man of Sorrows, upright with a smile


Follow His lead to our gain

Man of Sorrows, such a name

Creator of the world where the world knew him not

That is the circumstances for the reputation He got


Sunday Night Gospel in Poem Form

Sunday Night Gospel in Poem Form
John 3:16
By David Smith Sunday August 10, 2014
God so loved the world; to come a certain way
To realize I am a sinner and Christ my sins did pay.
Realizing I am bankrupt and nothing I can do.
God so Loved the World. HIS way it shines through

The Pharisees love of money, and God benefits are wealth
That is Man’s perspective and Christ tips the religious shelf.

How could God be loving to sacrifice His son?
Unless there is a danger where hell and fire run
And the Love is simple, a person that we trust
The Loving Lord Jesus, belief in Him a must.

And it is secure; eternal if you will
Whom he justified he glorified for His eternal thrill
Unless response expected, and a big yes, if you please
For if it is denial, Lake of Fire, He will sneeze.

And that is the Gospel, the choice is up to you
Reject it or embrace it, which door do you go through?

My Bible

My Bible
December 7, 2007

My Bible, God’s Word, tattered and worn
Opened and closed in the wee hours of the morn
The Bible, well used, as pages they turn
Being chiselled in the heart, the scriptures we learn

A battered Bible, Faith says it all
Newness of life, a new birth as we crawl
Then to stand on God’s Word as we shout
It is finished, the Cross, what the Gospel is about

The bible, tattered, well worn, and read
Opened and shut, the Old Nature we dread

Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible School

(Inspiration on the First Day)

August 6, 2013

Like the tower of Babble we saw this day

The youth blindfolded, in educational play

To construct a wall around the group,

With cardboard boxes to be contained in the loop

Bickering and frustration as no one could see

Like an invisible language broken down that be

That was the game with a purpose we know.

Blindfolded, the kayos a frustrating show.


Man decides to be number one,

To build a tower to reach heaven’s sun

The Lord says “NO” to accomplishments of man

The Tower of Babble where men’s selfish nature might stand


Now looking skyward for lessons we learn;

The great flood, the rainbow, God’s Loving concern.


In our present day great towers from the earth

MAN still wants bragging rights and denies the second birth.

More confusion as the world’s in a spin

And blindfolded from Scripture as man’s importance enter in


That’s what I got from the lesson that day

God’s teaching me, I am weak by the way

He is the strength, don’t Labour in vain

Christ did it all, his suffering and shame.

Come unto me all ye that Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest

Matthew eleven verse twenty-eight to memorize at best.

Week of Ministry in Review

Week of Ministry in Review
June 15, 2013
By David Smith Inspired by Gospel Hall Preaching

Christ in you, Hope in Glory
Romans Fifteen, the text for the story
Pleasing God infirmities of the weak
These that are strong a mission to teach
Building up believers in Christ we can see
He pleased not himself and an encouragement he be
We have to do what God saved us for
To strengthen believers
The assembly is in store
We have to endure step forward in trust
Past time for our learning
Faith is so much.

From Egypt to Canaan
A Series of meetings

He grasps the WORD one line at a time
Meditates on scripture as it fits into rhyme
Seeing the BIBLE as a mirror at a glance
To meditate on the WORD to the present NOT by Chance
How it fits is revel lent to today
From Egypt to Canaan much room to pray
To focus on God in this wilderness of mine
And leave temptations of Satan behind
It happened to the Jews to be lost no doubt
From Egypt to Canaan Heavenly lessons came about
What a joy with all its trials
Walking his way there is reason to smile.

Meditating on the Red Sea
(While drinking coffee on Break)

He drinks his coffee black and mediates on the Red Sea
How Moses came across to Canaan, there he be
He drinks his coffee black and thinks of worldly trials
Like the ten plagues in Egypt
What the world or pharaoh did despise
Moses rod turned into a serpent and ate the Pharaoh’s snakes
The serpent was first mentioned where the Garden was at stake
God turned dust to lice, and what did it imply?
The magicians could not match it, last night we found out why.
God created man from the dust of the ground.
The Creator created life, Satan’s light was never found.
So we have temptations and trials in this land
To leave this cultured world
In the Heavenlies to stand.
So the Jewish Journey from Egypt we can see
In this present world what God’s WORD is telling me
So to Cling to Scripture; God’s Lesson there in life,

For forty years of wondering turns me toward the light.

His Workmanship

His Workmanship

By David Smith November 26, 2009


Jaws like teeth as it smashes and shakes

A building hammered to the ground, the progress it makes

Shoveled into a truck the rubble and grind

Only a memory that is left behind.


Earth movers hit hard, mighty machines of steel

Hydraulic lifts and turntable to wheel

All the technology to tear down a place

Think of the hope, new life we can face.


An earthen vessel as vulnerable as I

Subjected to sin, circumstances make me cry.

To be rebuilt, after we’re broken and torn;

A spiritual house, living stones are reborn.


A living hope and gloriously appearing

To be in Christ, this world is deceiving.

Rebuilt, a new, living stones I dare say

Being torn down though sin and decay


Born again, not of corruption and lies

It’s the spirit within, Christ’s workmanship thrives.

That is the Message, believe and repent

For the Love of the World Jesus was sent.

The Real Christmas Story

The Real Christmas Story

By David Smith December 18, 2012


“Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the town

The cattle were lowing; the inn-keeper wore a frown.

Mary in a stable, Lying in the hay,

Anticipating the birth, Of the first Christmas Day.


Born in a manger, the flocks in the field

The lambs as they wander for the good shepherd to appear;

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

Even King Herod knew something was the matter.


“A King is born!” the Wise Men had to say

Herod was anxious to eliminate Children, that day

The King had his exodus, to Egypt he flew

The Old Testament predicted of his prophesy so true

All the parables and miracles become clear

He would we worshiped by believers so dear


To believe in his name; He is the light

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.