His Workmanship

His Workmanship

By David Smith November 26, 2009


Jaws like teeth as it smashes and shakes

A building hammered to the ground, the progress it makes

Shoveled into a truck the rubble and grind

Only a memory that is left behind.


Earth movers hit hard, mighty machines of steel

Hydraulic lifts and turntable to wheel

All the technology to tear down a place

Think of the hope, new life we can face.


An earthen vessel as vulnerable as I

Subjected to sin, circumstances make me cry.

To be rebuilt, after we’re broken and torn;

A spiritual house, living stones are reborn.


A living hope and gloriously appearing

To be in Christ, this world is deceiving.

Rebuilt, a new, living stones I dare say

Being torn down though sin and decay


Born again, not of corruption and lies

It’s the spirit within, Christ’s workmanship thrives.

That is the Message, believe and repent

For the Love of the World Jesus was sent.


The Real Christmas Story

The Real Christmas Story

By David Smith December 18, 2012


“Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the town

The cattle were lowing; the inn-keeper wore a frown.

Mary in a stable, Lying in the hay,

Anticipating the birth, Of the first Christmas Day.


Born in a manger, the flocks in the field

The lambs as they wander for the good shepherd to appear;

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

Even King Herod knew something was the matter.


“A King is born!” the Wise Men had to say

Herod was anxious to eliminate Children, that day

The King had his exodus, to Egypt he flew

The Old Testament predicted of his prophesy so true

All the parables and miracles become clear

He would we worshiped by believers so dear


To believe in his name; He is the light

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.

At the Bible Study

At the Bible Study

Inspired by St Luke 11:1-13

By David Smith November 16, 2007

Our Father in heaven is more than a friend

Urgent requests, time and time again

We can always ask; and at our beckoning call

When our life is scattering and we start to fall.

Through mere convenience friends come to the aide

Our LORD in heaven through His Son we have it made

We can always ask and we will receive

Knock and the door shall be opened

How wide! If you please.

Seek and ye shall find

Eyes will open up

And we will not be blind

We know how to give good gifts to our children and friends

Our Heavenly Father offers us eternal gift without end.

We learn how to address the Heavenly Father

Reverend and Holy is his name as we address no other

Develop structure and speak from the heart

Honesty and truth is where to take part.

Worship in spirit to the father above

He will reign down in infinite love

That’s what I got from the study last night

At Gospel hall; God’s Word shone so bright.

Inspired by Malachi Chapter 1

Inspired by Malachi Chapter 1

Inspired by Guest Speaker Ministry Meeting August 17, 2011


Malachi was laid out, the first chapter loud and clear

The preacher spoke; God’s wrath to fear.

The illustrations of Christ, the pattern we find

And in Malachi, first fruits, fall far behind.


The blind and the lame the diseased sacrifices are brought;

The symbols of Christ polluted a lot.

The pattern broken down, rejection came about

The finished work of the Cross;

God’s Love we can shout.


The door being opened, the Gentiles have hope.

Be part of the Chosen with faith alone to cope;

The works of man with polluted sacrifices and all

Illustrations of Christ, out of focus and small.


Malachi gives a warning to look at the heart;

The words of the Lord were biting and sharp.

O the rejection of obedience to God

The remnant by faith, Christ’s Righteousness we applaud.


That is the root for gentiles and Jews;

In Christ alone the faith that we choose;

It’s all in Malachi the last book of the Old

Four hundred years later the New Testament will be told.

That is the mystery the illustrations of Christ

And the stories of the Bible fit together so nice.

Reflections of the Cross in Old Testament

Reflections of the Cross in Old Testament

August 14, 2011

Inspired by guest speaker Breaking of Bread Service

Pictures of sacrifices looking back in the mirror;

Illustrations of Christ we hold so dear.

Everything points to the old rugged tree

One time sacrifice, He bled for me.

A president of the States built a navy great

From wooden ships to steel to make America rate

Criticised by his people, money was tight

The sacrifice he made turned out alright.

Ten years later to war with Spain

The superior navy was the gain

Pictures of the Old Testament fulfilled at the Cross

That is the point the preacher brings across

A onetime sacrifice, where the animals come to a close

The shedding of blood, the Lord Jesus chose.

The Bible: The Letter from God

The Bible, the Letter from God

Inspired by Guest Speaker

by David Smith August 20, 2006

A letter from God, I hold in my hand

The Bible, God’s Judgement and forgiveness to send

It’s open to everyone, information is free

For the paper and binding, in the bookstore there’s a fee

Whosoever will, a personal letter

To know the contents, God’s wrath or shelter

It’s a letter about what tomorrow will bring

A lake of fire or forgiveness of sin

Written to all, regardless of the age

Each generation, names, written on the page

Lamb’s Book of Life, names are etched there

Christ is the way, a forgiving Lord to share

A letter from God on man’s behalf

Eternity is etched, grain or the shaft

At least know the contents for your decision to make

God’s wrath, destruction, eternal fire to bake

Denying the Word of the Bible so grand

God’s wrath is brutal against sin to stand

Know the contents, Uriah, as we had read

A letter from the king and in battle he was dead

Did not know the contents from King David’s hand

Killed in battle his righteousness did not stand

Then David married, Uriah’s widowed wife

King David pleaded forgiveness for his life

A letter Paul wrote to Philemon one day

About a slave, Onesimus, who stole and ran away

Paul wrote the letter to Philemon to forgive

Treat Onesimus as a brother, let him more than live

Mentioned Onesimus’ sin and shortcomings grand

How Onesimus received Christ as his Saviour, and friend

Onesimus knew the contents to overcome the grave

Uriah knew not the contents and righteousness became his slave

So study God’s Letter. The Gospel and all

Where will you spend eternity when the angels will call?

Ephesians Three

Ephesians Three

By David Smith June 12, 2011

Fellow heirs and fellow partakers, the saved body together

Jews and Gentiles make the link

The truth rises in turbulent weather

No more separation as seen in Testament of Old

Revelation of the mystery of the Church

A new creation is told

Something unique revealed in Ephesians Three

Mediate on the scripture

Food for you and me

The unsearchable riches of Christ;

Everything that He has is all so nice

Not a prisoner of Rome but of the Blessed Saviour

That is the Joy to have all the flavour

The finished work of the cross on Calvary that day

That is the Gospel, the good news,

The Apostle presents this way.

Take the plunge and read it and see

God’s Word alone throughout eternity.