Five Loaves, Two Fishes, and Five Thousand Men

Five Loaves and Two Fishes and Five Thousand Men

By David Smith July 15, 2009

Five loaves and two small fishes for five thousand males.

Study John Six: one to fifteen for picturesque details.

Five is the figure of our imperfection as we are;

Five loaves our inadequacy, and in Christ we can go far.

Two fishes symbolizes conflict; two entirely different points of view.

Like body and spirit; or from law to saving grace;

All things become so new.

Thousands: uncountable, an infinite number

The harvest is great. There is no time to slumber.

Man in supply of his weakness; so very sad and true.

In the hand of Christ dividing; multiplying believers, in faith becomes so new.

And so we have the message; the gospel so vivid and sure.

Follow the I AM in scripture; faith to only endure.

As Jesus fed the five thousand plus

Believers carry the great commission; that’s why all the fuss.

Five loaves and two fishes; we are in desperate need.

Christ, the bread from heaven; the multitude we too can feed.