Shadows Reveal Christ

Shadows Reveal Christ

By David Smith May 15, 2018


The shadows on the floor, the silhouette to see

The desk and the chairs, vivid imagery fascinate me

The details of the chairs, the shadow is cast

The little tiny holes, how the light gets past

The shadow is not the image,

Think of what is to come

Just like the Old Testament,

Shadowing Christ, the Blessed one


We see the shadows, the sacrifices and all

Books of the Old Testament as God’s Word, would call

Pictures and illustrations, and then it’s fulfilled

The shadows are explained after Christ crucified on a hill

It all comes together, the prophets reveal

The words of the Old Testament, and the finished work becomes real

Look at reality, and see how the shadow is cast

Where both is revealed and how salvation does last


That’s the authority where God’s Word is preached

His Word becomes flesh and that’s what we teach

We see the shadows and the finished work comes in view

The reality of the Cross, the predictions are true

That is the Gospel, with its shadows and light

It is the Good News, will you be saved tonight

Believe with thine heart, Christ died for me

The finished work of the Cross at Calvary


Ephesians Three

Ephesians Three

By David Smith June 12, 2011

Fellow heirs and fellow partakers, the saved body together

Jews and Gentiles make the link

The truth rises in turbulent weather

No more separation as seen in Testament of Old

Revelation of the mystery of the Church

A new creation is told

Something unique revealed in Ephesians Three

Mediate on the scripture

Food for you and me

The unsearchable riches of Christ;

Everything that He has is all so nice

Not a prisoner of Rome but of the Blessed Saviour

That is the Joy to have all the flavour

The finished work of the cross on Calvary that day

That is the Gospel, the good news,

The Apostle presents this way.

Take the plunge and read it and see

God’s Word alone throughout eternity.

Inspired by Leviticus Chapter 1

Inspired by Leviticus Chapter 1

Ministry Meeting April 10, 2011

Going into worship the pattern of Christ; Pictures and Illustrations of the author will suffice

The bullock has strength as it ploughs the ground; the heavy loads and burdens, a service is found.

A willingness to plough, year after year; a Saviour of the soul we hold so dear.

A picture of submission we look to the sheep; easily guided to the slaughter so sweet

If it’s in the book it is alright for me; Obedience to the word on humble knee.

The goat has the skill on mountain sides he can step; our walk through life in his hand we are kept;

Our walk is important, let the spirit lead; Let go and let God; His skills we need.

Turtle doves and pigeons speak of sorrow; Sensitivity of Christ as he’s coming back tomorrow.

Be sensitive of sin as we live each day; to ask for forgiveness and continually pray.

Christianity not to be endured but enjoyed; the fullness of Christ a peace we employed.

Crucified with Christ to live with him; to deny the flesh for joy to begin;

The innards of the sacrifices were washed so clean; the hidden lusts of the flesh where secrets have been

Purged with God’s word and obeyed so true; Illustrations of Christ where birth is new.

Decision determines destiny; as Illustrations are clear; acceptance of the Living Lord as time is drawing near.

The Cat and Dog Syndrome

The Cat and Dog Syndrome

Inspired by Doo Yang

By David Smith March 12, 2009


Give a dog love, affection and a place to sleep;

Food from the table; the blessings he will reap.

You will be his master, and he will follow and obey.

The dog and his master; a scenario, we say.

Give a cat affection and a place to call her own;

You become the servant; the cat on her righteous throne.

It all ties together with God’s blessings of love.

Some look at God, the master, from above.

Others, the blessings as we lord it over all

It’s all in perspective as we react to God’s call.

The rain will fall on the just and unjust.

Treasures in heaven will never wear out or rust.

The story of the dog and cat is fictions and safe.

Who so ever will,

The Word of the LORD puts people in their place.

Golden Rings Inspired at Gospel Hall

golden ringsGolden Rings Inspired at Gospel Hall

By David Smith October 21, 2006



Golden rings bombarded my thoughts

The weather, the sermon

That James Smith had brought

The Ring of Son ship

The prodigal son so clear

His father ran out, a kiss so dear

A ring of son ship on his hand was placed

An inheritance from the father with love and grace

The ring of Lordship

When Joseph we read

Distributing food becomes his deed

A Pharaoh, a Lord to go to Him

For daily bread, a famine was in

The ring of security on the breast plate so grand

To hold and protect a secure place to stand

The rings on the Ark responsibility in place

To be saved in Christ a service to face

The tabernacle, the alter, a cross to bear

What a service for love to share

The wedding ring in continuous motion

A family in love with true devotion

All the rings through the bible we read

Commitment and responsibility a Christian deed

Lord of the rings a deeper meaning

Picturing Christ eternal trust to be seeing

Interpretation of Stephen’s Defence

Interpretation of Stephen’s Defence

By David Smith June 8, 2009


The Holy Spirit ran through Stephen as he spoke so sure;

Joseph and Moses; examples so pure;

Types of Christ; rejection and pain

Powerful leaders to Israel was their gain.


Stephen spoke of the prophets; the Patriarchs’ grand

The Pharisees stoned him.

Examples of Christ they would not understand.


Stephen simplified the Old Testament with flair.

Related it to Christ; Power to compare.


The guilt and the shame,

The Cross, they did not want to hear.

They stoned Stephen so Christianity would disappear.

Saul was converted and he preached Christ.

The Old and New Testament fit together so nice.


Stephen’s speech before he was killed.

Faith is the answer; the Saints were thrilled.

His speech was but a moment and the pages live on

The Word of the Lord; Christ’s light has shone.

An Act of God

An Act of God

By David Smith July 3, 2009

“An Act of God,” I heard her say

As fire raged through her town one day.

And Act of God, as I dwell on the pain.

When is Man responsible?

Who else can he blame?

We pollute our rivers and mow down our trees.

And bring Mother Nature to humble knees.

And the gall to say, “An Act of God!”

Our sinful nature is what we applaud.

Sin City and what’s in it for me.

Glorifying Man and nailing Christ to a tree.

When it’s convenient,

It’s an act we are not responsible for.

We never think of the consequences

And what punishment is in store.

“An Act of God” and “Lake of Fire” is real.

The endless pain, the agony, we have every right to feel.

By Faith and Faith alone; and by His saving Grace

“An Act of God;” we decide which direction to face.