Tasting the Furry of Niagara Falls

Tasting the Furry of Niagara Falls
By David Smith June 5, 2014

The mighty thunderous roar and turbulence throughout
Huge mountains of water and mist and wind about
And to be at peace where this all takes place
The Horn blower Boat tour, Nature we can face

And be at rest on that stable ship
In the turbulent waters it is an amazing trip.
In the comfort of God’s hand as this turbulence is all around
We can taste His furry
And at peace so safe and sound

So to think of scripture
As the Red Sea divides
And God’s chosen people to solid ground they stride
In the midst of turbulent waters, Mountains gushing all around
Water creating a draft as a hurricane is bound

This is the safety like being in Noah’s ark
In the midst of darkness
God’s word creates the spark
To experience the mist
And full brunt of wind
With wonderment of nature
God’s word to rest therein

With His fingers he put the stars in place
The wonder of the falls His handiwork we can face
To be on the ship the Maid of the mist it was
Under new management creating a buzz
So I see the power of God’s mighty hand
He is in control for this man made ship to land.

And what a great experience where Man and Nature Meet.
The magnificence of God; His power can’t be beat.


A Study in Galatians

A Study from Galatians

By David Smith October 31, 2010

The law amplifies we are sinners and through Christ we are free;

Galatians the turning point, from works to faith for me;

Peter was to be blamed for his obedience of the law;

Paul pointed it out, works is our greatest flaw.

The law, the pomp and ceremony, and circumcision, just and true;

A sheet came down from heaven yet Peter went back to what he knew;

Paul amplified the vision; Christ is the focus still;

On the Cross of Calvary the Old Covenant the Cross did kill;

Traditions, they had sacrifices and festivals in hand;

Justified by faith alone gets us to the Promised Land.

Not by what we have done, but by the finished work of the cross.

Is crystal clear in Galatians how Faith alone comes across.

Through love and sound doctrine false teaching is put out

Faith in Christ alone, God’s authority, let it shout.

We all have personalities and as Christians we appear.

Keep eyes and ears on Christ and let flaws disappear.

Got that from the study as Galatians hit a nerve;

Taking God’s word personally to learn how to serve.

Faith Rides the Rails

Faith Rides the Rails

by David Smith October 24, 2009

Eyeing the train, the click on the track;

A hypnotic movement forward and back;

The train of destination; the sounds as it moves;

The lights on the wigwag; the wheels in the grove.

Box cars and tankers; and then it’s the end.

No caboose, no closure, no warning to send.

Like life riding the rails and then an abrupt halt.

When Christ is not preached it becomes my fault.

At the end of the journey Lake of Fire is real.

It’s nothing man made nor how we may feel.

It’s all written out in black and in white

And being commissioned, evangelists spread the light.

The train on a journey; so is the soul.

Believe with thine heart; put faith on a roll.

The train has an engine. Christ is the light.

All the cars follow through the darkest of night.

The living stones as the box cars that fit on his track

Taylor made for perfection. The journey the map.

Eyeing the train, and the ring of the bell

With Christ in the heart, saved from living hell.

Humble Servant a snap shot of Christ

Humble Servant a snap shot of Christ

By David Smith September 6, 2009

Humble Servant a snap shot of Christ (click here for voice of the Bible Poet)

He prepares food in the kitchen and patters around like mad;

To serve the starving public; inner peace to have had.

Our Lord sacrificed; His finished work on the Cross.

To copy His way in a world that is lost.

Following the pattern, to turn the other cheek;

Stand for conviction and integrity to keep.

To follow the pattern laid out in His WORD.

That is the hope to be reassured;

Prepares food in the kitchen, to be daily fed;

The true bread from heaven; in Christ to be lead;

To serve the demanding public and self to deny;

Christ did it all with his victory cry.



By David Smith August 26, 2009


local wind patterns

So we have it: Day, month, and year

All in the codes; the answers are vivid and clear.

Observing numbers, a story to tell;

As they repeat, it is so swell.

Now study patterns the Bible brings forth

All the illustrations, the stories we sort.

The theme radiates through; the imagery repeats.

That is the joy that is so neat.

Christ in all the WORD; no other way to be

He is the author and finisher

Of the faith we can vividly see.

So as we see the lamp stands, the tabernacle, and linens so white.

We realise it’s only a shadow

Of the Almighty, perfect and Right;

The pattern however subtle; it is always there

Prove the Word of God; nothing else can compare.

Observing all the stories, God’s pattern is the key.

By faith alone, for heaven’s door to see.

Observing Religion

Observing Religion

By David Smith August 15, 2009


Black hat and tails, white shirts we see

The formal attire is well beyond me

They come in for their meeting; in the rise of the day

Looking important, to face God, by the way.


The formal attire, righteousness before him

A Holy God; our corruption and sin

They wear white robes to cover the black

The righteousness of Christ is what is on track.


To cover the sin; the purity and white

The sacrifice of the Lamb; God’s gift is right.

We can’t see the connection; the pattern of the King.

The Creator the Resurrection; Salvation did bring.


The pictures are vivid, the stories are clear.

Faith alone; what are people missing here?

And so the ritual, Man’s religion and way

Christ did it all; On the Cross that day.

Inspired by a Lawyer

lawyerInspired by a Lawyer

By David Smith August 9, 2006

A lawyer comes in with his flattened bow-tie;

Pomp and ceremony, as righteousness, is adhered by;

The formal drab, in the righteousness of the crown;

As scribes and Pharisees, so legally bound.

Christ brings forgiveness, love through faith, to obey;

Not iron fisted, to manipulate truth, all day;

Seeing the pomp, and the ceremonial robe;

Putting on Christ, as the obedience of Job;

And being forgiven, not by the law;

The cross, the blood, the suffering, I saw;

The black robe is the judgment;

Imperfection is my name;

Christ paid my ransom, and bore all my shame;

Now it’s a commitment;

The Gospel, to every creature;

Being born a new, a commandment, from the teacher.