Inspired at the Hall

Inspired at the Hall

By David Smith March 27, 2011

Inspired at the Hall,

Gideon compares to Paul

Less than the Least of the Saints

That is where God wants us to take our place.

What God can do to the Chief of all sinners, to the Apostle Paul

A person who condemned the church when he was the Righteous Saul;

What he did for Paul he can do for us

When we surrender to His Word and in Faith to trust.

No matter what circumstances we are in, God is here;

We see it with Gideon and his way so clear.

Where is God? When all around is discouragement and despair

Gideon believed signs from God and New Hope to compare.

Less than the Least of all Saints

To yield to God we will not faint.

Taking the humble road we too can excel

Humility with Christ, His word does tell.