Being Forgiven: the Price is Paid

Being Forgiven: the Price is Paid

By David Smith June 30, 2009

The Lost Son and from Isaiah we read

The Humility of Christ and devoted love to believe.

As the Father ran and kissed his son

The odour of pigs and stench did hum.

A devoted father with endless care

Embraced his son; only Christ’s love can compare.

The father’s love who sent his son;

The Lord Jesus was the blessed one.

Sinless was He to the cross was sent

Carried my sin as His blood was spent.

Suffered and died and rose for me;

The love of a father; how his son must be.

Always a parallel to Christ on the Cross;

A picture of love truly comes across.

And shedding a tear as I think of the way;

Being forgiven, what a price to pay.

By grace are ye saved through faith alone.

Christ suffered the Cross for my soul to own.


Animal, Plant and Mineral Compares to Christ

Animal, Plant and Mineral compares to Christ

By David Smith June 22, 2009


Animal, Plant and mineral

Illustrations of Christ we see

On every printed page illustrations for you and me.


Animal, plant and mineral, substance for all life

Christ is all and in all; all power and all might.

The animal: We see as the Lamb in the shedding of the blood

Meditate on His word as the chewing of the cud.


WE see it in the Lion and in the goats and sheep.

We hear it in God’s promises. They will always keep.


IN the plant kingdom like the vegetable; as a tender plant.

The branch, the vine, the bread from heaven.

The unleaven bread was sent.


Mineral: he is the rock, the solid foundation of the Church.

Gold and precious stones; His righteousness we search.

The perfect stones; the perfect sacrifice, to worship and believe.

Through one man’s disobedience all mankind was deceived.


Though one man’s perfection; His finished work is there for all.

By faith, and faith alone; His word is free for all.

The Animal Kingdom Relates to Christ

The Animal Kingdom Relates To Christ

By David Smith June 17, 2009


The Old Testament is but a shadow of the New.

The shadow of Christ; the substance so true.

A shadow made up of Substance and light.

A picture of Christ so clear and so bright.


We have the lamb. The Lamb of God is real.

Isaac takes the knife; the agony he did feel.

A lamb was given, the substitute for his son.

The LORD Jesus, the substitute, becomes the Blessed One.


The Lamb of God from Geneses through Revelation

The shedding of blood since Man’s fall after creation.

Sin takes its toll in Adam and Eve.

Throughout history a loving God we deceive.


It’s really ourselves as we study His way.

The perfect example to emulate each day.

O what a joy the animal kingdom gives.

A substitute for sin; so my soul can live.


Christ on the Cross. It is finished was his cry.

He did it all.

Faith alone,

God’s pattern is “Why”

Inspired by Bible Study 1 Corinthians Canpters 13 and 14

Inspired by Bible Study 1 Corinthians Chapters 13 and 14

By David Smith June 14, 2009

First Day of the Week at Welland Gospel Hall




We see Him in pattern, we see Him in type.

We see Him in Words of Power and Might.

At presently we see so dimly in the mirror;

But in glory face to face, perfection will appear.

Tongues started at Babble with confusion in store.

With cannon of scriptures we still need to see more.

When that which is perfect; where we see face to face;

The pattern, the shadows; illustrations fall into place.

Tears without answers and answers without tears.

To see Him in glory, mystery disappears.

So that is the gold, the Word of the LORD.

The pattern, the shadows, comprehension has soared.

We see Him in pattern, we see Him in type.

From darkness we move by faith to the light.