Faith Alone

Faith Alone

By David Smith May 10, 2011

In Matthew we hear the Jew is in view

In Mark to the Romans, the Perfect Servant shines through

Luke to the Greek, the Doctor we hear

The healing by faith, as pictures of Christ appear

John’s Gospel, the world is in mind

Who so ever will the Son of God we find

Perfection, uniqueness, when to walk in and out

To walk his way, what Christianity is about

Your walk and my walk, What is it like?

Seven different walks in Ephesians to hike

The Gospel of John divided in three parts

Miracle work, the miracles where Christ had his start

Then to be teacher as the scriptures come alive

Then the victor, it is finished, from the Cross as he cries

That is the Gospel, simplicity is best

Faith in Christ alone where a soul can rest.